Encocoin is a blockchain project initiative and an attempt by the Encocoin Foundation to create a new international trade(import and exports) financial instrument and payment system instead of the manual paper based cumbersome bank guarantees, letters of credits and real estates holding documents currently in practice.

Encocoin mission is to use it’s blockchain distributed ledger to integrate imports and exports banking instruments into cryptographic based and escrowable economic financial digital asset.The eventual Encocoin blockchain application will successfully eliminate the need for the current paper based financial documents.

•   Encocoin proof of stake and POW is energy efficient and able to run on any window and VPS PC without excessive high 
        demand on your computer resources. 

•   Everyone running the Encocoin masternode starts earning rewards same day.

• Join a mining pool and start  mining instantly to earn XNK rewards.

•   No ICO till after listing and proven market performance.

•   Stake your Encocoin on supported shared masternodes platforms.