Instant and Verified

Encocoin is a dual chain project primarily meant for the issuance and processing of cross- border financial instruments.
Our masternode product is indenmity backed by InstantX. It means you can always call back your capital in part or in full within the life span of the indenmity contract. Our first chain is public, open sourced and network supported by masternode clusters while the second chain runs on hyperledger permissioned network. Encocoin XNK is the currency of both networks.
Encocoin implements a decentralized network of masternodes that validates and instantly verify all transactions across the network, treasury management and governance.
Encocoin project is fungible. The dynamic block difficulty readjustment significantly improves the XNK network scalability and thereby delivering a real-world, real-time digital cryptographic financial utility. The fast, secured and decentralized encocoin network has made it an attractive and acceptable global means of payment across all trading sectors.
An Importer or exporter or suppliers would be able to issue financial payment guarantees to the other trading party without needing to go to the bank. The instruments are issued, broadcast, tracked, validated, verified, processed and discounted on the Encocoin permissioned blockchain. Each party must validate the transaction on the network using the secret cryptographic keys before the final release of funds to the beneficiary.
Core sectors covered are : inter- country trading, intra- country trading, real estates, automobiles and commodities.
Above all, Encocoin functions effectively as a viable, fast and secure instant legal tender. Encocoin is money meeting the needs of global trading.
Feel free to invest in our indemnity backed masternode product and we are also responsible for the organic conduct, activities and performance of Encocoin as a holding asset.
The Encocoin Foundation would not be party to any loss of capital



XNK Masternode Service Providers 

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