Encocoin Roadmap

September 14

First Blockchain Launch

Encocoin XNK First Public Blockchain Launched on POW/Masternodes X11 Algo. Airdrops, Bounties, Social Media Campaign.
February 2

Listing I

Exchanges and MN Services (Enmanet Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing. Nodestop Masternode Hosting Service providers)  
July 25


Upgrade to the DIP0003 Protocol.  EPG design improvement and template launch.
August 1

Presale & Listing II (August 1st – August 31st 2019)

{Partnership with InstantX to Indemnify presale}. {Listing on Pecuniaplatform(Instant Masternode hosting service providers), {Listing on Flits App (Masternode shared service Providers)}. {Presale begins}. {XNK listing on Finexbox Cryptocurrency exchange}.
August 25

Listing III – Exchanges, Monitoring & Ranking Services (August 5th – August 28th)

{ Exchange : Crex24 Exchange}, { Ranking Platforms :  Coingecko, Coingolive, ATHcoinindex,, Blockfolio etc },  { Masternode Monitoring Services : MN-Trend listing, MNO listing, Cryptohost, etc}.
September 30

Development & Completion of XNK Global Trading Platform (Sept. 1st – Sept. 30th 2019)

Encocoin XNK Global P2P Trading platform launched and enabled in 70 currencies across 120 countries. Launch of XNK POS/MN Chain and Trading.  Launch of (XNK POW – XNK POS), (XNK POS – XNK POW) instant swap web wallet.  Development and completion of XNK Auction(Automobile, commodities and real estates) platform.
December 10

Initial Public Presentation & Inaugural Testing of Encocoin Payment Guarantee (EPG) Network

Development and deployment of EPG blockchain on the Hyperledger Chaincode. Global Banking and ports collaboration on EPG testing and adoption. Operational deployment of EPG to handle issuance, processing, tracking, verification, validation and discounting of Letters of Credits, Financial Payment Guarantees, insurance indemnities, Payment Undertaken, imports and exports documents etc. CoinmarketCap..Read More
January 1

Listing IV ( January 1ST 2020 – March 31st 2020)

Exchange Listing on Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex and Shapeshift
April 10

Continuous Global expansion and marketing ( April 2020 Onward )

Publicity. Expansion.  More Financial Institutions Collaboration. Extensive Marketing. Cross Blockchain collaboration.